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We help connect outfitters and hunting guides with hunters who are looking for guided hunting. Our website provides a free location to make the connection and help outfitters fill their guided hunt calendar. Hunts For Sale is a great place to find your next guided hunting adventure. Browse the list of outfitters and hunting adventures below. To narrow your search, simply select a species or province/state where you require a hunting guide then click "Show Matching Hunts". For more information on the Outfitter or Hunting Guide, click the Outfitter name for a profile.

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Province or State:

Outfitter (click to view Outfitter profile)SpeciesStart DateEnd DatePositions OpenPrice per HunterDeposit per Hunter
Tine & Tusk Wildlife SystemsWhitetail and exotic hunts0000-00-000000-00-00
$3500 $50
Tine & Tusk Wildlife SystemsCircle E Ranch for Sale 0000-00-000000-00-00
$4000 $0
Bundu Hunting SafarisRifle Hunt2014-04-012014-04-10
$3700 $1000
Klickitat Valley guidesTurkey Hunt2014-04-152014-05-15
$225 $113
Storm Creek OutfittersBlack bear hunting2014-08-152014-09-25
$1300 $500
SalvaforHunting in Spain2014-11-012015-05-31
$6995 $1000
Show Me Outdoor Adventures 5 day whitetail archery hunt2016-09-152016-11-11
$1100 $150
Show Me Outdoor Adventures Prime 3 day whitetail rifle hunt2016-11-152016-11-21
$2250 $200

Why Hunts for Sale offers Outfitter Listings

When we built the site, we had only one thought in mind, help hunting outfitters keep thier hunting calendars full. Wheather a hunter is looking for a hunting deal on whitetail deer, searching out guides for hunting ducks and geese, or looking to hunt for exotic species outside of North America, Hunts for Sale is working to help both the hunter and the hunting outfitter. Every hunter thinks about the opportunity for hunting guided through the well known lands in serch of the elusive trophy. Finding hunting deals that benefit both the guided hunter and the guide is why we have created this website.

Can I find Hunting Cheap on Hunts for Sale?

The hunt deals offered by the guides and hunting outfitters on this site are completely at the discretion of the hunting outfitters. We do not require that outfitters offer dicounted hunting or that the hunting is cheap or reduce hunting prices. All outfitters set thier own prices on the hunting deals and are free to change their hunt deal prices at any time.

What kind of Hunt Deals can be found on Hunts For Sale?

Hunts For Sale does not limited the typed of guide or hunting that can be listed on the site. The hunting deal listings do change from time to time. If you want to be hunting guided whitetail deer or hunting guided black bear, there is a very good chance the listings include these species.

Is there a cost to Use Hunts For Sale to find Hunting Deals?

No. Hunts for Sale is a completely free service where guides and hunting outfitters can list their open hunts and anyone interested in hunting guided adventures can view the hunting trips offered.

Hunts For Sale is not responsible for the provision and/or quality of the guiding and outfitting services. Final arrangements are between the customer and the outfitter. View our privacy policy.
All information displayed on this site is maintained by the outfitters offering the corresponding hunting adventures. Hunts For Sale is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information displayed.

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