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Hunts For SaleTM

is the no cost no risk way to keep your guided hunting calendar full of hunters. To sign up, there is no annual fee. You can offer any Hunting Deals you want. You do not pay a commission when Hunts For SaleTM brings you a paying customer. To begin filling your guided hunt calendar, just sign up for Hunts For SaleTM, all you have to do is complete the form. Read the terms of service. You set your username and password, you are in complete control of your guided hunt listings. You can list an unlimited number of hunt deals. You get a free hunting outfitter profile to describe your outfitting business and post up to 5 guided hunt images that will inspire your customers to book right away. Did we mention yet that there is no cost for hunts you book through Hunts For Sale? Did we mention that there is no annual subscription fee? That is right, No Cost, Complete Control, Unlimited Use.

User Tip for Offering Hunting Deals

Most successful users of Hunts For Sale offer multiple hunt deals at a time. If you have a week long booking with 8 spots available for hunters, consider breaking it up into several hunt deals, perhaps two groups for 4 hunters.

Filling Cancelled Hunts

If you have have a spot open up enexpectedly and you are willing to sell hunting cheap, use Hunts For Sale to highlight the hunt deal you are offering. Remember, you are in complete control of the offering so you set the discounted hunting price, or list yourhunting deal at full price.

Showing Prices on the Hunt Deals

Most hunters using Hunts For Sale are looking to make a booking in the near future. Show them both the deposit required as well as the total price of the hunting deal so they do not wander off in search of guided hunt offering full information.
What do you get for a listing?
  • no risk listing of your hunts for sale
  • complete control over the information posted
  • outfitter profile page including 5 images
  • unlimited number of listings
  • access to database of Hunters and their hunting adventure requests
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