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Hunts For Sale is a great place to connect with new customers. As a registered Outfitter, you will have access to a database of Hunter Profiles who have signed up to search and be found for great hunting adventures. Once you have registered you will be able to browse and contact the hunters where you believe your outfitting services match their hunting preferences. As well, you have unlimited use of the Hunts Listings to display any open bookings that you still have available.

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What does it cost to list guided hunts?

There is no charge for guided hunting outfitters to use

Do I pay a commission for bookings?

No. All financial transactions are between the hunting outfitter and the hunter.

How many hunting guided trips can I list?

As many as you want. and are not responsible for the provision and/or quality of the guiding and outfitting services. Final arrangements are between the customer and the outfitter. View our privacy policy.
All information displayed on this site is maintained by the outfitters offering the corresponding hunting adventures. is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information displayed.

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