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Hunts For Sale
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Definitions: provides the "Hunts For SaleTM" service for use by Outfitters throughout the world to assist the Outfitters in obtaining Customers for the services they provide. "Outfitters" are defined by those who use the service for the purpose of selling guided and non-guided hunting trip to the end consumer of the services, known as the "Customer".
The quality of the hunting service(s) provided are solely the responsibility of the Outfitter and any request, complaints,or dissastisfaction with the services provided by the Outfitter are entirely and conclusively between the Customer and the Outfitter. Any dispute between the Customer and the Outfitter will be settled without the involvement of
Financial Transactions are managed between the Outfitter and the Customer and are not managed or monitored by Hunts For Sale.
The Outfitter agrees that it bears the repsonsibility for the availability, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the information they provide on the Hunts For SaleTM service. should the conditions of the hunt change, it is the Outfitters responsibility to maintain up-to-date and accurate information.
Customer Obligations:
In the event that a Customer places a reservation by making contact with an Outfitter on Hunts For SaleTM the responsibility lies between the Customer and the Outfitter to come to terms.

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